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 Description: Software development outsourcing in shenzhen、the APP outsourcing development company in shenzhen, China Professional custom APP developers、
  Shenzhen custom software development company, founded in 2013, at a new era of Internet +, the company since its inception, has been focused on software custom development, in their own professional, technology, innovation, focus on for hundreds of enterprises to provide software outsourcing, system development and APP development, micro letter, public development, website development, etc all kinds of excellent software custom development services, is the most reliable and efficient software outsourcing company. Perennially ranked at the top of the list of software outsourcing companies, shenzhen software development companies ranked at the top, shenzhen software companies ranked at the top. Shenzhen software customization development through strict CMMI quality system standards and delivery process to ensure the business value of enterprises, to create a comprehensive company's highly customized core competitiveness.
  Shenzhen software customization development advocates innovation, focuses on research and development, has a domestic leading technical team, and by virtue of strong professional knowledge, business technology, high quality of service, good mental outlook and other characteristics to get the unanimous praise of users. In the professional field of software development, the company has maintained long-term and stable cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises in the industry.
  Shenzhen software customization development has always adhered to the principle of "fine service", adhering to the "credit-oriented" business philosophy, with professional knowledge reserves and rich experience accumulation, since 2013 has served more than 1000 enterprises and institutions.
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  Service advantages
  The company has senior senior system analyst, senior software architect, software designer and other senior software engineers to form the core team, with more than 10 years of software project architecture, project management, project implementation and follow-up maintenance experience. Most of the members come from alibaba, baidu, tencent and other large Internet companies, with rich experience in project development!
  Rich project cases Real 
  project cases reveal the industry's excelsior profession from the details, and each high level of creativity shows the wisdom and strength of the company's development team. Since 2013, it has served more than 1,000 enterprises and institutions. Since 2013, it has served more than 1,000 enterprises and institutions.
  Good user reputation All 
  the time, the company has always insisted on the use of demanding attitude to develop perfect products, the company has always believed that its pursuit of perfection, demanding for products can be those who pursue a higher quality of life of the user's understanding and recognition. We can see from the feedback after the use of the product that the company's product quality and service has been recognized by users and peers. Company in sina, netease, baidu, douban, tianya, sohu, toutiao, weibo, HAO123 on shenzhen software company ranking, shenzhen software development company, software company ranking, shenzhen software company ranking information articles by users as the best popular employer, received praise.
 In addition to providing software customization and software development services, the company also provides outsourcing of r&d talents, software testing services and IT expert consulting services.